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Enhancing Security & Efficiency with

Winner of AI Company of the Year at the British Data Awards 2023, uses AI to perform forensic data protection and hyper fast redaction on PII and information of interest, helping organisations everywhere to solve their data visibility, protection, privacy, and risk management challenges.

The challenge: a review of multiple workloads

The company approached Cloud Bridge in March 2023 to assist with the challenge of aligning with AWS best practices across their 16 workloads. acknowledged the necessity of adhering to AWS best practices but encountered difficulties implementing them effectively across their diverse workloads. 

However, the company was keen to fortify their security framework, streamline operations and optimise costs – all of which can be achieved through implementation of recommendations from a Well-Architected Framework Review (WAFR).

The solution - alignment to AWS well-architected best practice​

Through meticulous consultations, Cloud Bridge conducted an in-depth evaluation of's AWS infrastructure.

This approach facilitated the identification of AWS well-architected best practices-aligned services, leading to enhanced security, streamlined operations, and improved cost efficiency. By integrating notifications and alerts, gained enhanced visibility and control over their workloads.

The benefits​

The implementation of our proposed solutions yielded significant benefits for Deploying services such as GuardDuty, Security Hub, Inspector, and Macie led to a marked improvement in overall security. The well-architected review empowered to fine-tune their infrastructure according to specific workload patterns, ensuring a more robust and secure AWS environment.

Moreover, our analysis identified opportunities for cost optimisation, including migrating EBS volumes to GP3 and establishing lifecycle rules for AMIs and snapshots. Leveraging CloudFormation, acquired a reproducible template for potential future deployments across their accounts, ensuring scalability and consistency in their AWS environment.

Implementing Security Hub enabled to achieve centralised security visibility, simplifying the identification and prioritisation of potential threats. With the aid of AWS Inspector, they could identify and prioritise necessary patches or upgrades for various components within their workloads, enhancing overall system integrity and reliability.

"The implementation of Cloud Bridge's AWS best practices has transformed our approach to security and cost management. With their expert guidance, we now have a more secure and efficient AWS infrastructure, enabling us to focus on our core business objectives."

Mark Callahan, COO,