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Optimising Cloud Infrastructure for Disclosure Services

Since 2002 Disclosure Services has been the trusted expert to help organisations stay safe and compliant. It assists organisations to make informed recruitment decisions fulfilling regulatory and compliance requirements, mitigating risk to clients, service users and employees.

As legislation is constantly changing, it provides guidance and information insight at every step in the process.  

The Challenge 

Disclosure Services was encountering issues regarding a lack of knowledge in their in-house team about whether the instance types that had selected on AWS were suitable for their workload, and whether they were running cost-effectively.

To address this issue, in 2022, Disclosure Services engaged Cloud Bridge to undertake a Well Architected Framework Review.

Why undertake a Well Architected Framework Review?

An AWS Well-Architected Framework Review ensures that cloud architecture is optimised for cost-efficiency, security, performance, and reliability.

The review helps to identify any potential issues of gaps in architecture and provides actionable recommendations to improve systems’ overall performance and cost-effectiveness. By conducting a review, you can ensure that systems are designed to meet business needs and are aligned with AWS best practices.

This can lead to significant costs savings, better performance, and increased confidence in security and reliability.

The Solution

Cloud Bridge undertook a Well Architected Framework Review to provide insights on infrastructure changes aligned to the review’s six pillars of best practice: operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation and sustainability.​

  • The recommendations provided Disclosure Services with all the insights they needed to make changes to their infrastructure, such as simplifying security aspects and exploring new instance types that were more efficient, as well as recommendations on how to modernise overall. It also helped provide clarity around costs and the required instance types based on the workload’s capacity

  • The review helped Disclosure Services identify key areas for improvement and make long-term changes aligned to AWS best practice. 


"Working with Cloud Bridge to undertake the Well Architected Review on our behalf has been an excellent addition to our 3rd party resource pool – our infrastructure is now further optimised, modernised and secure. When you work with Cloud Bridge, you know you’re working with a team of experts who provide support at every step – allowing you to focus on more important day-to-day operational IT activities. 

In addition, the benefits we gained from their CloudCheckr tool has been invaluable – an extremely user-friendly and insightful service giving us visibility over our cloud spend.”

Tom Mitchell, IT Manager at Disclosure Services

Partnering with Cloud Bridge for a Well Architected Framework Review

  • Expertise: Cloud Bridge has a team of experienced AWS certified professionals who are well-versed in the Well-Architected Framework. They can provide valuable insights into best practices, help you identify areas for improvement, and recommend strategies for optimising your AWS infrastructure.

  • Cost-Effective: By working with Cloud Bridge, you can avoid the time and resource-intensive process of conducting a Well-Architected Framework review on your own. Additionally, Cloud Bridge can help you optimise your AWS infrastructure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve overall performance, providing a high ROI for your investment.