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Optimising 20Shot's AWS Environment for Cost, Performance, and Security 

20SHOTS offers a bespoke and interactive interface to bet on customised teams and individual players fantasy performances.

The company relies heavily on AWS to deliver its services, and as the business grew, it became apparent that their AWS environment needed to be optimised for cost, performance, and security

The Challenge 

As 20SHOTS expanded their services and customer base, their AWS environment had become increasingly complex, with multiple AWS services and applications running concurrently. The company faced several challenges, including:

  • Rising costs: As their AWS usage grew, so did their monthly AWS bill. 20SHOTS needed to optimise their AWS environment to reduce costs while maintaining service quality.
  • Performance issues: With multiple applications and services running on AWS, 20SHOTS was experiencing issues with performance, including slow load times and application crashes.​
  • Security concerns: With sensitive client data stored on AWS, 20SHOTS needed to ensure that their AWS environment was secure and compliant with industry regulations.

The solution

To address these challenges, 20SHOTS engaged Cloud Bridge to conduct a Well-Architected review of their AWS environment. The review process included a deep dive into the company's AWS infrastructure and application architecture, with a focus on the following six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework:

  • Operational Excellence: Cloud Bridge assessed 20SHOTS operational processes and identified areas for improvement, including automation of routine tasks and the implementation of monitoring and logging tools to increase visibility and improve operational efficiency.​

  • Security: Cloud Bridge conducted a thorough security review of 20SHOTS ' AWS environment, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and recommending remediation strategies. This included implementing strong access controls and encryption measures to protect sensitive data.​

  • Reliability: Cloud Bridge identified areas for improvement in 20SHOTS' application architecture to improve reliability, including the implementation of load balancing and auto-scaling to ensure that applications could handle spikes in traffic.​

  • Performance Efficiency: Cloud Bridge recommended several optimizations to improve the performance of 20SHOTS' AWS environment, including tuning of AWS services and implementing content delivery networks (CDNs) to reduce latency and improve load times.​

  • Cost Optimization: Cloud Bridge conducted a detailed cost analysis of 20SHOTS' AWS environment and identified several cost-saving opportunities, including rightsizing of instances and the use of reserved instances to reduce costs.​

  • Sustainability: Cloud Bridge reviewed optimisation levels to see if less power could be used and suggest ideas around shutting off test and dev environments when not in use

The Results

After implementing the recommendations from the Well-Architected review, 20SHOTS saw significant improvements in their AWS environment. The company experienced a 10%+ reduction in their monthly AWS bill, improved application performance, and increased security and compliance.

Additionally, Cloud Bridge helped 20SHOTS to establish best practices for AWS usage, including automation, monitoring, and logging, which helped the company to optimize their operations and reduce the risk of downtime.

The Well-Architected review conducted by Cloud Bridge enabled 20SHOTS to optimize their AWS environment for cost, performance, and security. By implementing the recommendations from the review, 20SHOTS was able to reduce costs, improve application performance, and increase security and compliance. The engagement with Cloud Bridge helped 20SHOTS establish best practices for AWS usage, setting the company up for success as they continue to expand their services and customer base.

“Following the engagement with CloudBridge, the relationship has continued as they’ve taken a long-term approach to support our continued growth. They’re a safe pair of hands we know we can rely upon as our business and AWS usage continues to grow.”

Jacob Kalms, 20SHOTS Co-Founder & CEO