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Cloud Governance Services

AWS Landing Zone Service

Future-proof for tomorrow

Build on Solid Foundations

Cloud Bridge's Landing Zone service is your foundation for a secure, scalable AWS environment. It’s like setting up base camp — essential for a successful ascent. We tailor your cloud setup with best practices right from the start, ensuring your infrastructure is not just ready for today but also future-proofed for tomorrow. 

From day one, our service streamlines the deployment of a multi-account AWS architecture, integrating security, compliance, and identity management.

This means you can innovate and expand with the confidence that your cloud environment is built on a solid, secure foundation.

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Managing AWS spend can get complex, but at Cloud Bridge, we simplify it. 

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Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE)

If you want to make sure your cloud game is strong, smart, and in sync with your business needs, our Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE) brings clarity to your cloud.

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AWS Well-Architected

Diving into the cloud with Cloud Bridge’s AWS Well-Architected Framework Review is like having a navigator for your AWS journey.