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Cloud Governance Services

Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE)

Craft your cloud blueprint

CCOE at Cloud Bridge

Bring clarity to your cloud

Want to boost your cloud capabilities? Look no further. Our Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCOE) is here to streamline your cloud strategy, ensuring it's robust, savvy, and perfectly attuned to your business imperatives. We're the secret weapon you need for a cloud setup that’s as sharp as your vision.

Architect & Coach

Consider us your dream team, combining the foresight of an architect with the guidance of a coach. We meticulously craft your cloud blueprint and stand by you, ensuring every phase of implementation is executed to perfection.

Complex Simplified

With us, the daunting becomes doable. We fine-tune your cloud infrastructure for peak performance, so you can exploit every benefit the cloud has to offer without getting lost in the labyrinth of technology.

Guidance for Optimised Cloud Strategies

As your cloud sherpa, our CCOE leads the way in pinpointing the most effective cloud strategies and practices, keeping your operations fluid, secure, and financially sound. We're all about setting you up with the ideal policies and igniting innovative, cloud-centric ideas that give you the freedom to zero in on broader business horizons.


Dive into the cloud landscape with confidence, focusing on your business horizons, while we expertly manage the technical complexities in the background.

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Managing AWS spend can get complex, but at Cloud Bridge, we simplify it. 

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Landing Zone Service

Cloud Bridge's Landing Zone service is your foundation for a secure, scalable AWS environment.

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AWS Well-Architected

Diving into the cloud with Cloud Bridge’s AWS Well-Architected Framework Review is like having a navigator for your AWS journey.