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Modernise Your Business on AWS with Cloud Bridge

Scalable, Secure & Cost Effective

Reimagine in the Cloud

Modernising with Cloud Bridge on AWS is about taking your existing applications, workloads, and systems and reimagining them in the cloud to be more scalable, secure, and cost-effective.  

We'll collaborate with you every step of the way. 

modernise with confidence

Unlock Growth & Innovation with Modernisation

Modernisation isn’t just about keeping up; it’s about taking the lead. It gives you the freedom to innovate, expand, and refine your business operations. 

  • Cut Costs

    Move to the cloud and say goodbye to the hefty price tags of hardware, software and licenses

  • Ramp Up Flexibility

    Adjust your workloads with ease to stay in step with business ebbs and flows

  • Bolster Security

    Keep your data under lock and key with robust cloud security

  • Ensure Compliance

    Navigate the complex web of regulations with cloud solutions that help keep you in line

Why Partner Up for Modernisation?

Partnering with Cloud Bridge for your AWS modernisation means you’re not just upgrading your tech — you’re investing in a partnership that brings a wealth of advantages:


As an AWS Advanced Consulting and Migration Competency Partner, we’ve got the know-how and experience to navigate complex migration and modernisation projects smoothly.

Tailored Funding Access

We don’t just innovate; we also identify funding opportunities to make your modernisation journey cost-effective.

Flexible Pathways

Whether you’re aligning modernisation with migration, optimising post-move, or choosing a full or partial system upgrade, we can tailor support to your needs.
aws microsoft modernisation programme

Liberate Your Microsoft Workloads

Take advantage of Cloud Bridge's expertise with the Microsoft Modernisation Programme, a key that unlocks exclusive funding and a smooth transition to AWS. Cast off the constraints of expensive Microsoft licenses and embrace the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of AWS solutions. 

The programme includes three key components: 

  • App Modernisation: transition your .NET applications to the cost-efficient, feature-rich open-source .NET platform. 
  • Database Modernisation: migrate your SQL server databases to Amazon Aurora for improved performance, scalability, security and cost-efficiency. 
  • Data Analytics Modernisation: migrate your SQL Server data warehouses to Amazon Redshift for big data analytics capabilities. 
Facing challenges

Funding Your Leap to Modernisation

By tapping into AWS’s Microsoft Modernisation Programme we can unlock funding to support your project. With our support, you’ll also get: 

Viability Assessment

Our free Modernisation Viability Assessment identifies opportunities for cloud transformation with target architecture and projected ARR.


Get a clear, strategic and personalised plan for transitioning to AWS.Planning: We lay out all the project costs, resource plan and timelines upfront.
leave legacy systems in the past

Make Windows Server End of Support (EOS) the Start of Your AWS Journey

Facing another Windows Server upgrade? Consider this the perfect moment to move to AWS. Moving to AWS with Cloud Bridge not only smooths out the transition but also marks the beginning of a smarter, more resilient tech journey. 


  • Avoid Upgrade Fatigue: Skip the endless cycle of updates and stay ahead with AWS's innovative cloud solutions.  
  • Unlock Continuous Innovation: Access AWS's cutting-edge technologies to keep your business agile and competitive.
  • Get Expert Support: Cloud Bridge and AWS provide the tools and expertise you need for a hassle-free migration and modernisation.
  • Embrace Future-Ready Tech: Move beyond traditional limitations with AWS's purpose-built and open-source options, setting your business up for long-term success.

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Modernise Now

If you'd like to find out more about the Microsoft Modernisation Programme or have any Modernisation queries, please submit this form and we'll be in touch.



The Beginning or End of Your Cloud Journey?

If you’ve just completed a lift-and shift migration, then that’s the beginning of your journey. You’re now in AWS and we’re at the first step of continuous improvement.

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FinOps for Cost Savings

We help customers save up to 40% on their cloud spend.


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Migrate to the Cloud

Chart a clear path to AWS with Cloud Bridge, your AWS Migration Competency Partner. 

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Improve Cloud Governance

Enhance control and compliance with our services focused on Cloud Centre of excellence and Well-Architected frameworks.

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Free up time with Managed Services

Reclaim valuable time with our comprehensive Managed Services, handling the day-to-day.

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Stay Ahead with AI

Keep your competitive edge with our advanced AI and ML services, driving innovation.