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1 May 2024

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

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Our Business and Supply Chains 

This statement is made on behalf of Cloud Bridge, in accordance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. Cloud Bridge is committed to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. This statement outlines the steps taken by Cloud Bridge to ensure that slavery and human trafficking are not present within our operations or supply chains.


Cloud Bridge is a technology company consulting on AWS cloud services. We provide a range of solutions to businesses across various industries. As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we strive to ensure that our operations and supply chains are free from any form of modern slavery or human trafficking.


AWS (our direct partner) has also published its statement on slavery and human trafficking. This includes mechanisms for guarding against modern slavery in its supply chains, governance, responsibility and public audit results.


You can read their full statement here.


Our Policies on Modern Slavery

Cloud Bridge has zero tolerance for modern slavery and human trafficking. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout our business operations. To this end, we have implemented the following policies:


  • Supplier Code of Conduct: We require all our suppliers and business partners to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which prohibits the use of forced labour, child labour, or any form of exploitation in their operations.

  • Due Diligence: We conduct thorough due diligence on all new suppliers to assess their commitment to ethical business practices. This includes assessing their policies and practices related to labour rights and human rights.

  • Employee Training: We provide training to our employees to raise awareness about modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes training on identifying the signs of exploitation and how to report any concerns.

  • Reporting Mechanisms: We have established confidential reporting mechanisms to allow employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders to report any suspected cases of modern slavery or human trafficking.

  • Risk Assessment: We regularly assess the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking within our supply chains and take appropriate measures to mitigate these risks.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Cloud Bridge is committed to continuously improving our efforts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. We will regularly review and update our policies and procedures to ensure that they remain effective in preventing and addressing these issues.



Cloud Bridge is dedicated to the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking. We recognise the importance of collective action in addressing these complex issues and are committed to working with our suppliers, partners, and stakeholders to uphold the principles of human rights and ethical business conduct.


This statement has been approved by Simon Walker, Managing Director, Cloud Bridge