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Everything cloud.
In one place.


From initial planning, consultancy, funding explorations, and onto managed services and Cloud Governance, we work to clearly defined focus areas where we concentrate our expertise. Cloud Bridge takes our customers – SMBs, enterprises, Financial Services, media and entertainment, and the public sector – on an AWS cloud journey that achieves real benefits from virtual platforms. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Partner, Cloud Bridge realise cloud aspirations and elevates your IT experience.


Cloud Bridge: for everything cloud.

Why choose an AWS Cloud Partner?

While cloud migration itself is a no-brainer, the next steps need careful thought. It’s not a flick of a switch. To enjoy the full benefits of your cloud experience, AWS recommends delegating the specialist tasks of planning, migration, and ongoing support to an expert, accredited cloud partner. 

An AWS Partner has the certifications, training, and dedication to customer service to operate as an extension of AWS itself to deliver migration while maintaining ‘business as usual’ momentum throughout. Crucially, AWS Partners provide incentives and access project cost savings opportunities.

Why choose Cloud Bridge as your Partner to AWS cloud?

Cloud Bridge exclusively focuses on AWS, so our team is highly skilled, experienced and certified in all things AWS. Our many accreditations include AWS Rising Star Partner of the Year UK and Ireland 2022 and AWS Rising Star Partner of the Year EMEA 2023. CloudFront Specialist Partner, NetApp EMEA Public Cloud Partner of the Year for 2021, and Windows Partner of the Year for both 2020 and 2021,   So, when we say, ‘Cloud Bridge – your partner to the AWS Cloud’, it’s a fact, not a claim. 

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What we do – and for whom

Cloud is the direction of travel for the enterprise that wants to increase IT efficiencies, reduce infrastructure costs, and greatly diminish risk. We complement, not replace, any current AWS Cloud relationships to remove the heavy lifting and accelerate cloud service provision in line with your cloud strategy and business goals.

Well-Architected Reviews

Best practices and important design considerations.

AWS Migrations

Go from earth-bound IT
to cloud computing. 

Managed Services 

Need 24/7 support on call?

Compliance without Compromise

Cloud Governance: FinOps, security, best practices and WAR.

The cloud is calling

“Making the move to the cloud can be a game changer for SMEs – it can enable them to compete with the big players.”

Simon Walker
Cloud Bridge CEO

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Whether you’re taking baby steps or big strides, Cloud Bridge helps you grow.

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