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Revolutionising Contract Management - Gatekeeper's AWS Success Story

Gatekeeper is revolutionising the way businesses manage legal contracts with their suite of SaaS products. Their flagship offerings, Gatekeeper HQ and ContractNow, provide seamless and scalable contract management solutions. Operating across multiple territories, including the US, Europe, Canada, and Asia Pacific, Gatekeeper is committed to delivering a modern and efficient experience to its clients. 

​Gatekeeper's IT infrastructure is fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilising its comprehensive range of services. Their system spans multiple AWS regions, ensuring efficient access for users worldwide. However, Gatekeeper wanted to further enhance their business and IT operation by:

  • Autoscaling and Resilience of SaaS products. To accommodate fluctuating demand and ensure uninterrupted service delivery, Gatekeeper sought to implementing autoscaling and improve the resilience of their SaaS products.
  • Security and Reliability of AWS Architecture: With data privacy and protection being paramount, Gatekeeper required robust security measures and a reliable AWS infrastructure to maintain trust with their clients. 
  • Exploring SSL certificates: Frequent SSL certificate renewals were causing unnecessary manual and laborious tasks for the internal team. Gatekeeper needed a solution to address this efficiently.
  • Additional AWS infrastructure management: Gatekeeper sought a partner to provide ongoing support and management expertise to optimise their AWS environment.

Gatekeeper partnered with Cloud Bridge, an AWS Advanced Partner with extensive experience in cloud architecture and managed services. Cloud Bridge offered tailored solutions for each of Gatekeeper's challenges.

The solution​

​Autoscaling and Resilience: Cloud Bridge worked closely with Gatekeeper to deploy a solution that introduced autoscaling and resilience to the Gatekeeper web application using AWS services. This undertaking aimed to enhance scalability and ensure uninterrupted service delivery, even during peak usage periods.

AWS Well-Architected Review: Cloud Bridge conducted a thorough assessment of Gatekeeper's AWS account against the six pillars of the Well-Architected Framework. The review provided actionable insights to strengthen security and optimise resource utilisation, resulting in improved reliability and cost savings.

Expiring SSL certificates: Cloud Bridge implemented a well-architected strategy which leveraged AWS Application Load Balancers and AWS Certificate Manager, this solution allowed for the automatic renewal of SSL certificates. Consequently, the burden of manual certificate renewal was eliminated.

Additional AWS Infrastructure Management: Recognising the complexities of managing AWS infrastructure, Gatekeeper engaged Cloud Bridge as their trusted managed service partner. This partnership empowered Gatekeeper to rely on Cloud Bridge's expertise and support for ongoing AWS infrastructure management, meaning Gatekeeper could focus on their core business.

The benefits

  • Enhanced Security and Cost Savings: The Well-Architected Review successfully identified and improved ways to further enhance Gatekeeper's security posture. Additionally, the review's recommendations led to optimised resource utilisation, resulting in cost savings.
  • Improved Scalability and Resilience: The implementation of autoscaling and resilience measures enabled Gatekeeper to seamlessly handle varying demand, ensuring their SaaS products can effortlessly scale to meet customer needs. 
  • Improved Availability: The solution implemented by Cloud Bridge to address expiring SSL certificates has eased the manual processes required to maintain Gatekeeper's applications. With automatic renewal facilitated by Application Load Balancers and AWS Certificate Manager, Gatekeeper no longer needs to manually renew and replace SSL certificates annually.
  • Reliable AWS Infrastructure Management: Gatekeeper's partnership with Cloud Bridge as Managed Service provider has proven invaluable. Cloud Bridge handles the day-to-day management of Gatekeeper's AWS infrastructure, allowing Gatekeeper's internal team to focus on core business operations while having peace of mind knowing their infrastructure is in capable hands.

We benefitted greatly from working with Cloud Bridge. Their expertise in AWS architecture and management has been instrumental in addressing our challenges and improving our infrastructure.  The AWS Well Architected Review not only enhanced our security but also resulted in significant cost savings."

 Sam Pavitt, Head of Product at Gatekeeper: