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Leave legacy systems where they belong

Modernising your Microsoft workloads on AWS with Cloud Bridge

Are you still using legacy Microsoft systems? If so, you're not alone. Many businesses are still using outdated systems that are holding them back.

Legacy systems can be a drain on resources, both in terms of time and money. They can also be a security risk, as they may not be up to date with the latest security patches.

If you're ready to leave your legacy systems in the past, Cloud Bridge can help. We specialise in helping businesses modernise their Microsoft workloads on AWS.

What is the Microsoft Modernisation Programme?

The Microsoft Modernisation Programme is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses migrate their Microsoft workloads to AWS. The programme includes three key components:

  • App modernisation: We can help you migrate your legacy .NET Framework applications to .NET 7 on Linux. This will allow you to take advantage of the latest features and capabilities of the ope-source .NET platform, while also reducing your costs.

  • Database modernisation: We can help you migrate your SQL Server databases to Amazon Aurora or other cloud-based purpose-built databases. This will allow you to improve performance, scalability, and security, while also reducing your costs.

  • Data analytics modernisation: We can help you migrate your SQL Server data warehouses to Amazon Redshift. This will allow you to improve performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, while also enabling you to take advantage of the latest big data analytics capabilities. 

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The benefits of modernising your workloads

There are many benefits to modernising your Microsoft workloads on AWS. These include:

  • Reduced costs: By migrating to the cloud, you can save money on hardware, software, and licensing costs.

  • Increased agility: The cloud allows you to scale your workloads up or down as needed, which gives you more flexibility to meet changing business demands.

  • Improved security: The cloud offers a number of security features that can help you protect your data from unauthorised access.

  • Enhanced compliance: The cloud can help you comply with a variety of industry regulations.

How to get started

If you're ready to modernise your Microsoft workloads on AWS, the first step is to contact Cloud Bridge. We'll assess your current environment and develop a modernisation plan that meets your specific needs.

We offer a FREE Modernisation Viability Assessment to help you determine which of your applications can be modernised to cloud native services or open-source technology on AWS. We'll then determine a clear roadmap to help you achieve your modernization goals – this will include:

  • A clear business case

  • Target architecture and ARR

  • Proposed Modernisation roadmap

  • Project & Resourcing Plan

  • Project costs and timeline


To learn more about the Microsoft Modernisation Programme from Cloud Bridge, please contact us today.

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Cloud Bridge - your AWS Cloud partner


As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help organisations like yours find success in the cloud by:


Showing you ways to move away from expensive, old-fashioned technologies and adopt cloud solutions that let you reduce costs and improve processes.



Giving you a clear picture of costs and benefits.


Providing fully funded migration assessments to help you build the strongest business case for migration and modernisation.


Taking care of all the heavy lifting, so you and your team can focus on the day-to-day.  

Connecting you with the right partners and the right solutions for your needs.

Keen to find out more and get all your AWS questions answered?

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