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How to Build Modern Applications on AWS

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge
10 June, 2024

App Modernisation: A Blueprint for Innovation 

As organisations strive to increase the pace of innovation, leverage data more effectively, and create exceptional customer experiences, the need to modernise how they build and operate applications becomes imperative. Modern applications, designed with modular architecture patterns, serverless operational models, and agile development processes, are transforming how businesses deliver value to their customers. At Cloud Bridge, we guide Technical Decision Makers (TDMs) and developers through this transformation, empowering them to build scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Evolution of Modern Applications

Modern applications differ significantly from traditional monolithic systems. They are built with the flexibility to scale, adapt, and evolve quickly in response to changing business needs. Key characteristics of modern applications include:

  • Modular Architecture Patterns: Breaking down applications into smaller, independent modules that can be developed, deployed, and scaled independently.
  • Serverless Operational Models: Leveraging serverless technologies to eliminate the need for server management, allowing developers to focus on writing code and delivering features.
  • Agile Developer Processes: Implementing agile methodologies to foster collaboration, continuous integration, and rapid iteration.

Addressing Common Pain Points

Organisations face several challenges when transitioning to modern application development. Cloud Bridge helps address these pain points:

  • Building Secure, Scalable Applications: Ensuring that applications are designed with security and scalability in mind from the outset.
  • Offloading Operational Burdens: Using managed services to handle infrastructure management, freeing up resources for innovation.
  • Accelerating Release Cycles: Implementing CI/CD pipelines to speed up development and deployment processes.
  • Managing Complex Applications: Providing tools and frameworks to simplify the management of sophisticated application architectures.
  • Expertise in Container and Serverless Services: Offering guidance on using containers and serverless technologies effectively.
  • Modernising Legacy Infrastructure: Enabling the migration and modernisation of legacy systems to improve flexibility and control.

Microsoft Modernisation Pathways

Based on our experience with AWS and insights from serving hundreds of customers, we have identified three primary pathways for modernising applications:

  1. Database Modernisation: Microsoft SQL licenses can be one of the most expensive parts of running legacy Windows applications. Using AWS’ Microsoft Modernisation Programme, we conduct a free-of-charge assessment. By migrating databases to open-source Postgres or MySQL engines, licensing costs can be reduced to zero.  We typically make use of Amazon Aurora, which is a managed database service which reduces the heavy lifting associated with patching and upgrading software and operating systems. Using open-source Babelfish technology, we can reduce the amount of changes required to let your application talk to open-source database.
  2. .NET Framework Application Modernisation: By moving to newer, open source versions of .NET, customers can move away from hosting their application on Windows Server, and can start to use open-source containerisation frameworks. Typically customers choose from Kubnerenetes (Amazon EKS), or Amazon’s native Elastic Container Service (ECS).
  3. Modernised .NET applications can also run on serverless technology, such as Amazon Lambda. This removes the need to manage underlying infrastructure. Instead, lambda functions run each microservice associated with your application, and each is scaled automatically by AWS’ platform.

The Innovation Flywheel

At the heart of successful digital innovation is the "innovation flywheel," a concept where customer demand drives innovation, which is continually refined through customer feedback. This cycle repeats, accelerating as teams become more adept at responding to customer needs. Cloud Bridge helps you get your innovation flywheel spinning faster by providing the tools and expertise needed to build modern applications that delight customers and differentiate your business.

Benefits of Building Modern Apps on AWS 

1. Increased Agility and Innovation: Modern applications built on AWS enable rapid experimentation and iteration. By offloading operational tasks to managed services, development teams can focus on delivering new features and improving customer experiences.

2. Improved Reliability and Performance: Automated testing, monitoring, and deployment processes ensure that applications are reliable and performant from the start. AWS's global infrastructure provides high availability and fault tolerance, enhancing the overall user experience.

3. Cost Efficiency: AWS's pay-for-value pricing model helps reduce the cost of over-provisioning and paying for idle resources. Serverless technologies further cut down maintenance costs by eliminating the need for physical server management.

Getting Started with Cloud Bridge

At Cloud Bridge, we specialise in helping organisations navigate their modernisation journey. Our expertise with AWS ensures that your applications are secure, scalable, and capable of meeting today’s fast-paced business demands.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs: We understand that every organisation is unique. Our experts work with you to develop solutions that align with your specific goals and challenges.

Seamless Integration: Our solutions integrate seamlessly with AWS, providing a cohesive and efficient development environment.

Continuous Support: From planning to execution and beyond, Cloud Bridge offers continuous support to ensure your success at every step of your modernisation journey.

Access to Funding Programmes: We can help you access funding programmes designed to support modernisation efforts, ensuring you have the resources needed to succeed.

Embrace the Future of Application Development

Ready to transform your application development process? Discover more here about how Cloud Bridge can support your modernisation journey.