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Yorcard Partners with Cloud Bridge to Modernise Smart Ticketing on AWS

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge
6 June, 2024

An Interview for AWS's Modernisation FX Series

The latest episode of AWS's Modernisation FX series on AWS Partner Network has just been released and explores how Cloud Bridge supported our customer Yorcard in modernising their smart ticketing solution on AWS.

In this episode, Riccardo Freschi, Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, sits down with our CTO, Tom Kerswill, and Tony Reeves, Managing Director, Yorcard. They discuss how the introduction of a new digital platform streamlined ticket issuing and management for public transport in Yorkshire.

Watch it here:


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Yorcard Partners with Cloud Bridge to Modernise Smart Ticketing on AWS


Yorcard's Legacy System

Yorcard has been at the forefront of public transport ticketing for over 15 years, initially relying on physical smart cards to provide bus travel services for elderly, disabled, and school children. These smart cards, integrated with various transport operators, required a robust network of readers and backend servers. While this system was functional, it had its limitations—especially in terms of maintenance, scalability, and real-time customer service.

The Modernisation Journey

To address these challenges, Yorcard partnered with Cloud Bridge to transition from a legacy smart card system to a cutting-edge digital platform. This modernisation journey involved developing a mobile app that allowed for real-time ticket updates and customer service improvements.

Implementing Microservices and Serverless Architecture

Our team helped Yorcard implement a microservices and serverless architecture using AWS Lambda for various backend processes such as user sign-ups, ticket ordering, and payments. Amazon API Gateway was employed to ensure seamless interaction between the mobile app and backend services.

Secure Authentication and Authorisation

Authentication and authorisation were handled using Amazon Cognito, which provided secure and efficient management of user identities. With over 30-40 Lambda functions and multiple stages for development and production environments, Yorcard's new system was both scalable and cost-effective. The pay-as-you-go model, particularly for reporting and data processing tasks, further enhanced the system's efficiency.

Future Steps in Yorcard's Modernisation Journey

In the interview, Tom shares his thoughts on the future steps in Yorcard's modernisation journey. This includes continuous improvement through Well-Architected Reviews and gradually replacing legacy systems with serverless solutions. The ultimate goal is to split out the monolithic structure of the legacy system and migrate to a serverless architecture using AWS Glue, QuickSight, and Aurora. This would enable real-time data processing and reporting, significantly improving operational efficiency.

The Transformative Power of AWS

Yorcard's modernisation, facilitated by Cloud Bridge, demonstrates the transformative power of AWS. The new digital platform not only streamlined ticket management but also enhanced customer service, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for Yorkshire's public transport users.

For more information about Modernising on AWS, and the range of funding programmes available, visit our page.