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Tropic Skincare's Success Story in the Cloud

Tropic Skincare is a multi-award-winning brand focusing on natural, cruelty-free, vegan beauty and skincare. The company focuses on innovation through ‘green science’ to provide freshly made products manufactured in the UK using sustainably sourced ingredients.

The Challenge 

Tropic Skincare would like to leverage the power, scalability and flexibility of the public cloud in order to allow their business to meet the demands of a changing consumer and technology landscape.

The initial target for the cloud is a redesigned sales platform but it is expected that more services will follow in the future and so there is a need to ensure that the new cloud environment in which the business deploys services is built according to industry best practices and operated within an appropriate governance framework.

An initial requirement gathering, and strategy workshop was conducted to produce a set of high-level recommendations made in relation to the setup of a best practice enterprise class cloud environment and landing zone.​

The Solution​

Using the data gathered we designed and implemented a cloud landing zone and deployed the infrastructure and services required to support the new sales platform.

This solution featured automation, centralised management of security and governance, audit standard compliance management, consolidated network connectivity, unified SSO authentication, anomaly detection and centralised audit, security and configuration logging for troubleshooting.

The following AWS services were used to provide the solution for Tropic Skincare: AWS ECS, AWS Route 53, AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudformation, AWS CodePipeline & CodeBuild

​In addition to the Landing Zone and Cloud Workload, Cloud Bridge are providing ongoing managed services in the form of monthly technical support and Druva Cloud Data protection for Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The Benefits

Tropic now have full control over their software development lifecycle. They are able to build and test containers locally, before seamlessly pushing to a new CI/CD pipeline, where their applications are built into docker images, tested, and deployed to development, staging and production environments.

Tropic are able to speed up their development cycle and test against a development environment which matches their production environment.

They are able to scale automatically to match the current load - whether that's end-of-month sales activity or seasonal peaks and troughs.

The solution implemented with Cloud Bridge have allowed Tropic Skincare to create a scalable cloud solution to meet the needs of their growing client base, with the flexibility to implement additional functionality to the Cloud Workload in order to meet the evolving business requirements.