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Transforming Cloud Cost Management for GSR with FinOps

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge


Cloud Bridge partnered with GSR, a leading global provider of digital asset trading and market making services, to address their challenges in understanding and managing their AWS costs. GSR required support in gaining visibility into their cloud spending patterns, optimising their resources, and negotiating Enterprise Discount Programs (EDPs). Cloud Bridge proposed a comprehensive FinOps solution to address these challenges and drive cost savings. 


Overcoming Visibility and Spending Challenges:

GSR was experiencing organic growth but struggled to attribute the reasons behind their increasing AWS spend. They lacked visibility into their cloud costs and needed assistance in understanding their spending patterns. The challenge was to provide GSR with a solution that addressed these issues while also optimising their cloud resources. 


Comprehensive FinOps Solution Implementation:

Cloud Bridge proposed a FinOps project that involved six key activities to address GSR's challenges effectively: 

  • Waterline Analysis: Cloud Bridge conducted a detailed analysis of GSR's AWS costs to establish a clear waterline of their spending. This analysis helped identify areas of potential overspending and optimisation opportunities.
  • Spot’s Eco for Reserved Instances and Savings Plan Management: Leveraging the Spot’s Eco tool, Cloud Bridge implemented a flexible and effective Reserved Instance (RI) and Savings Plan (SP) management strategy for GSR. This approach ensured optimal utilisation of resources while maximising cost savings.
  • Cloud Spend Reporting: Cloud Bridge developed a comprehensive reporting framework to provide GSR with frequent insights into their cloud spend trends. These reports highlighted optimisation opportunities and potential security risks, enabling GSR to make data-driven decisions for cost control and security enhancement.
  • EDP (Enterprise Discount Program) Negotiation Support: Cloud Bridge assisted GSR in negotiating Enterprise Discount Programs with AWS. Through careful analysis of GSR's usage patterns and projected growth, Cloud Bridge helped secure favourable pricing and discounts, further optimizing GSR's cloud spending. 


Tangible Benefits and Strategic Advantages:

The implemented FinOps solution provided several significant benefits for GSR: 

  • Cost Savings: By implementing waterline analysis, optimising RI and SP management, and providing frequent reporting, GSR achieved substantial cost savings. These cost reductions have had a positive impact on GSR's overall financial performance.
  • Enhanced Visibility: GSR gained a comprehensive understanding of their cloud spending patterns and received detailed reports on cost trends, optimization opportunities, and security risks. This visibility allowed GSR to make informed decisions and allocate resources more effectively.
  • EDP and PLES Optimization: Cloud Bridge's support in negotiating EDPs and onboarding GSR to PLES improved their access to solution architect and wider technical resources to help guide and support on ongoing IT requirements.


Interested to learn how much you could save on your AWS bill? Read more here about our FinOps Services, or sign up for your complimentary Cloud Insights Assessment.