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Riviera Travel's Seamless Migration to AWS

Riviera Travel is an award-winning cruise and tour operator. For over 37 years, they have provided luxury international travel experiences aboard 5-star ships and yachts, as well as guided walking tours of famous cities and landmarks.

Riviera Travel’s high-quality holidays have earned them recognition from the British Travel Awards, Cruise Critic, Which? and several national newspapers.

The Challenge 

To take advantage of more scalable and cost-effective technologies, Riviera Travel wanted to migrate their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud. They were working towards this goal and wanted to assess their on-premises estate to gain a deeper understanding of their existing technologies, the interdependencies between applications and databases, the cost implications of a cloud migration and the best option for their business needs. Following this they wanted to migrate all windows workloads into AWS. 

As an AWS Partner, Cloud Bridge can provide AWS cloud migration support from concept to delivery. This includes fully funded assessments, such as the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) Funding Programme, which Cloud Bridge implemented to assess Riviera Travel’s options for migration.

The Solution

As part of this assessment, Cloud Bridge used the Cloudamize platform to gain a clearer picture of what AWS consumption would look like for Riviera Travel. This tool evaluates the different licensing options available based on resource utilization, third-party licensing and application dependencies within the existing physical environment.

For more in-depth metrics and accurate costings, Riviera Travel chose an agent-based assessment, which involves using intelligent software (agents) to gather data. Cloud Bridge  provided Riviera Travel with simple steps to deploy the agents in their environment, which would enable Cloud Bridge to collate and analyse the necessary data.

Once the assessment period was over, Cloud Bridge presented the findings to Riviera Travel, so they could see how much the cloud migration and consumption would cost. Cloud Bridge then worked closely with Riviera Travel to roadmap the different migration options available and help them determine the best route for their business. Finally delivering a successful migration outcome into AWS.

The Benefits

Cloud Bridge data-driven approach gave Riviera Travel the clarity and confidence they needed to move their existing environment to the cloud.

Using a blend of the Cloudamize tool and expert AWS knowledge, Cloud Bridge helped Riviera Travel to migrate to AWS using the best model for their requirements.

Cloud Bridge's status as an AWS Partner also meant that the assessment, design, planning and migration were  funded and therefore more cost effective for Riviera Travel - enabling them to avoid some of the additional costs associated with cloud migration projects.