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Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council - A Successful Cloud Backup Solution

Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council is a unitary authority in North East England, within the county of North Yorkshire. The main settlements consist of Redcar, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Guisborough, and small towns such as Brotton, Eston, Skelton and Loftus.

​The Redcar & Cleveland area has a wealth of natural beauty, from coastline to countryside, and the council are currently on a journey towards greater sustainability, economic development and infrastructure via the Town Deal programme.

Redcar & Cleveland required a modern cloud backup solution to complement their on-premise storage. Being a council, Redcar & Cleveland had to provision a secure solution, as cyber security plays an integral role in their digital services, improving productivity and keeping sensitive data safe. The growth of data meant an offsite cloud solution was necessary to achieve necessary TCO objectives.

The challenge 

Cloud Bridge was appointed and worked closely with Redcar & Cleveland, carrying out a detailed scoping session, High-Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD) to ensure the platform was built to AWS Well-Architected Best Practices. Cloud Bridge recommended building a secure immutable backup solution within the council’s AWS architecture. This required an S3 bucket, which would serve as a backup target for the on-premise solution.

The solution

Cloud Bridge created a secure account platform, which included user, group and policy practices to ensure no unauthorised access. This approach forces any user of the Redcar & Cleveland platform to authenticate with complex passwords and multi-factor authentication into limited permission sets. An S3 bucket was created with versioning, object locking and IP restriction, which will prevent an internal breach or ransomware attack.

The benefits

By choosing to partner with Cloud Bridge, Redcar & Cleveland have benefitted from the knowledge of industry experts and modern cloud technology. The council now have confidence in their storage and backup solution, knowing that it is secure and built to the highest AWS standards. They will be able to continue providing cutting-edge digital services for their users and citizens, without interruption.​