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Streamlining Gatekeeper's AWS Infrastructure with Managed Services

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge

Gatekeeper, a leading provider of SaaS contract management products, prides itself on offering customers a modern and efficient experience. They rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power their business. 

In 2023, Gatekeeper faced a common challenge: balancing their evolving IT needs with cost control. While their existing setup functioned, it lacked the flexibility and scalability required for their ambitious growth plans. Additionally, inefficiencies in IT management led to increased operational costs and time-consuming processes. Outdated software further hampered their productivity. 

Seeking a comprehensive solution, Gatekeeper turned to us, impressed by our expertise in managed services and cost optimisation. We recognised their needs and proposed a strategic partnership to streamline IT operations and deliver significant cost savings. 

Cloud Bridge collaborated with Gatekeeper to implement several cost-saving measures: 

  • Autoscaling and Resilience: We ensured Gatekeeper's SaaS products could handle fluctuating demand through autoscaling and resilience measures. This led to a significant reduction in AWS costs. 
  • AWS Well-Architected Review: A review identified areas where Gatekeeper could further enhance security,resulting in a best-in-class security posture and additional cost savings. 
  • SSL Certificate Management: We automated SSL certificate renewal, eliminating the need for manual renewals and saving Gatekeeper time and money. 
  • Managed Services: This was a key area of collaboration. By taking over the management of Gatekeeper's AWS infrastructure, Cloud Bridge freed up internal resources. This allowed the Gatekeeper team to focus on core business operations, boosting productivity and enabling them to concentrate on what they do best: creating top-tier contract management SaaS products. 

Cloud Bridge's managed services also ensure Gatekeeper's AWS environment remains up-to-date and secure. Constant monitoring and management remove the burden from Gatekeeper's team, guaranteeing an optimised and fast infrastructure. 

The Results: 

Working with Cloud Bridge has delivered significant cost savings and improved security for Gatekeeper. They can now focus on core business activities with the peace of mind that their AWS infrastructure is in expert hands. 

Sam Pavitt, Head of Product at Gatekeeper, commented: 

"Cloud Bridge's expertise in AWS architecture and management has been invaluable. Their work has addressed our challenges and improved our infrastructure. The AWS Well-Architected Review not only enhanced security but also resulted in significant cost savings." 


Gatekeeper's partnership with Cloud Bridge has been transformative. It has led to substantial cost savings, improved security, and increased operational efficiency. By outsourcing AWS infrastructure management, Gatekeeper can focus on core business and enhance their product offerings. This collaboration is a testament to the power of effective cloud management and a well-architected AWS environment.