Astroscale develop on-orbit solutions with the goal of mitigating the growing and hazardous build-up of debris in space. Their solutions include life extension, in-situ space situational awareness, end of life service, and active debris removal.

The challenge 


During planning, launching, tracking, and data gathering, Astroscale require vast amounts of on-demand computational power.

They identified cloud-based scalable compute power for their windows applications and SQL Server Databases as
a potential solution but were faced with the task of finding specific technical talent to help them realise their vision for cloud architecture, build, and deployment.

To meet these challenges, Astroscale realised migrating to the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be the most effective solution. This presented several challenges:

  • Ability to plan and move SQL Server & Window workloads seamlessly

  • Opportunity to modernise SQL Server and Windows workloads once in AWS

  • Uncertainty around costs, migration timing, and skills required

  • Presenting a clear business case for migration to senior management

  • Ensuring security throughout migration

The solution


To help Astroscale gain a better understanding of their AWS migration options, Cloud Bridge performed a free migration assessment using the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) program.

Based on this assessment, Cloud Bridge produced a report detailing:

  • Total costs of the journey to AWS, including consumption costs, backup costs, Microsoft licensing options for EC2 (SQL Server) dedicated hosts, migration costs, and potential funding

  • Next steps including a projected timeframe and overview of the work required for a successful migration utilising AWS Application Migration Service

  • A migration plan was provided to Astroscale to give confidence in the SQL Server performance on EC2 in AWS, a subsequent pilot proved the capabilities of SQL Server on AWS EC2

  • Once the plan was agreed Cloud Bridge went ahead and carried out the migration and successfully moved all Windows and SQL Server workloads to AWS 


The benefits

Together, Astroscale and Cloud Bridge developed a cost-neutral business case for migrating to AWS, including details of future financial savings opportunities.

The business case demonstrated how an AWS migration could:

  • Allow for cost effective SQL EC2 instances to be used

  • Have comparable performance of SQL in AWS to on premised dedicated hardware

  • Improve resiliency

  • Leverage AWS Transit Gateway for:

    • –  multi-account network access using VPN services

    • –  ground station connectivity into AWS to feed satellite telemetry

  • Replace complex SAN dependencies by modernising to AWS EFS managed storage

  • Cater for transitional overlay networking for advanced split telemetry features

  • Enhance security

  • Offer a better cost footprint


With an independent view on cost options and timeframes, senior management were able sign-off their AWS migration with confidence.

"We achieved a 360° view of costs and migration timescales to move to AWS. The OLA engagement really supported us to do this, and the fact Cloud Bridge did all the heavy lifting was a great benefit.’’

Paul Healy, Senior Technical Project Manager, Astroscale


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