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Cloud Bridge Shift: Seamless VMWare to AWS Migration

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge

Time for a Strategic Shift

The recent acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, coupled with their unexpected move to cease VMware service sales through AWS, marks a pivotal moment for many organisations. This shift presents a potential for increased costs that could impact your budget and reduce strategic flexibility. It's time to navigate these changes smartly.

Cloud Bridge is at the forefront, offering you a smooth and cost-effective transition from VMware Cloud to AWS Native services.

Our bespoke Cloud Bridge Shift service ensures minimal disruption and optimal efficiency, helping you stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Why Migrate to AWS Native Services with Cloud Bridge Shift?

Enhanced Cost Efficiency

Migrate to AWS native solutions and realise significant cost savings, especially as prices on the VMware platform continue to climb. It’s an investment in your future financial health.

Rapid Assessment and Planning

We kick off with a comprehensive 48-hour assessment to provide an initial cost estimate and insights into potential funding programmes that could further reduce your expenses. It’s about making informed decisions quickly.

Tailored Solutions

Every organisation is unique, and so are our solutions. From high-level to detailed technical designs, our migration strategy is customised to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and effective cost management.

Cloud Bridge’s Proven Migration Process

Stage 0: Pre-sales Engagement

We start with a detailed 48-hour assessment of your current VMware estate, providing an initial like-for-like migration estimate to AWS Native services, including potential AWS consumption, migration costs, and information on available funding programmes.


Stage 1: High-Level Design

Our team develops a high-level design and conducts a thorough analysis of your environment. The result? A robust design document outlining a proposed solution, complete with refined and precise AWS cost projections.


Stage 3: Low-Level Design and Migration Planning

The journey continues with a detailed low-level design and a phased migration plan, ensuring your technical environment and business operations are fully aligned and prepared for a smooth transition to AWS.


Stage 4: Rapid Migration

We swiftly execute the migration of your VMware Cloud environment to AWS Native services, focusing on minimising operational impact and downtime. It’s about efficiency and speed.

Make the Smart Move with Cloud Bridge Shift

Opt for Cloud Bridge's Shift service for a no-obligation estimate and explore how we can support your organisation in achieving significant cost savings while boosting operational efficiency with AWS Native services. We leverage all appropriate funding programmes to support the costs of your transition to AWS, ensuring a cost-effective switch.

Transition confidently and stay ahead with Cloud Bridge — book a call now to discuss your VMWare migration.