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Simplified and Streamlined End User Computing for Lendscape

Cloud Bridge
Cloud Bridge


AppStream 2.0 is great for streaming apps without needing to install them locally, but leading financial technology company, Lendscape, wanted to optimise their existing AppStream 2.0 deployment by adding an additional layer of control and customisation. So, Cloud Bridge jumped in during their "Mobilise" phase to enhance security and make user access a breeze.

 The Challenge

 Now, the challenge was to keep things simple for users. Lendscape didn't want the hassle of regular app installations. They also needed a user management system that didn't rely on the usual Identity Providers (IdPs) for manual user creation and didn’t want anyone self-registering within the portal.

 The Solution

Cloud Bridge came to the rescue with an innovative solution leveraging the inherent capabilities of AppStream 2.0 and additional AWS services:


  • Optional Pre-configured Desktop Client: Cloud Bridge set up an optional desktop client that could tag along with the main AppStream 2.0 setup. This meant users could skip individual installs and go for a one-size-fits-all desktop experience if that’s what they preferred.
  •  Manual User Management: Cloud Bridge configured the portal so Lendscape could manually manage users without dealing with those Identity Providers. This gave Lendscape full control over who could access what, fitting right into their workflow.
  •  Multi-tenancy with Isolation: Security groups and access control lists (ACLs) were implemented within AWS.  This ensured that each customer's data stayed in its own little bubble of isolation for top notch data security and privacy. No mixing and matching here!
  •  Disabled Self-Registration: Cloud Bridge shut down the self-registration feature, putting an end to any unauthorised access attempts.

The Benefits

Lendscape's enhanced AppStream 2.0 deployment delivered significant advantages: 

  • Improved User Experience:Users got a better deal with more choices in how they accessed their apps, whether they wanted the desktop experience or just stuck with the browser-based setup.
  • Enhanced Security:Security went through the roof with all those manual controls, isolation, and disabled self-registration.
  • Increased Reliability:By leveraging AWS infrastructure, the whole setup was super reliable, keeping downtime to a minimum and app access running smooth as silk.
  • Performance Optimisation:By optimising everything, Cloud Bridge enabled a smoother engagement for AppStream 2.0 sessions.
  • Cost Efficiency:The optional infrastructure module allowed Lendscape to offer a cost-effective solution. Customers who did not require the pre-configured desktop client, experienced a streamlined, browser-based access model.


By collaborating with Cloud Bridge, Lendscape achieved a secure, user-friendly, and efficient AppStream 2.0 deployment with the flexibility to cater to diverse user preferences. 

 This case study demonstrates Cloud Bridge's expertise in customising cloud solutions to address specific client challenges and enhance user experience within the AWS environment.