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The cloud exists to help businesses become agile to the environments they work within.

Your support needs to do the same.


Cloud Bridge Managed Services are designed based on the time you require from our Expert Architects, not the size of your infrastructure. We offer flexible contracts across three levels of service, so you can scale your support to suit what’s best for your business.


Integrate our expertise to extend your internal teams, enable informed decisions,

and optimise savings, all while maintaining the agility you need.

Key benefits


Gain visibility

  • Start with our free-of-charge service, Cloud Snapshot

  • We’ll pull millions of data points from your AWS accounts to:

  • indicate where your budget is being spent

  • highlight inefficiencies

  • review your cloud security

  • Make better decisions and ongoing savings with the true picture of your cloud


Gain peace of mind

  • We’re there when you need us. Make our Architect teams part of your resources

  • During onboarding, we can use Well Architected Review (WAR) best practices to make sure the production workload complies with AWS’ Well Architected Framework

  • We can look at backup and DR to ensure you maintain continuity in the event of a failure

  • All services benefit from strict change control processes following ISO 270001 and ITIL best practices


Gain flexibility

  • Because your support requirements will change over time, so should your support

  • We provide three levels of service, with no long-term lock-ins

Three services to cater for your support requirements

TaaS Support

For the ultimate in flexibility, our Technical Architect as a Service offering allows you to buy a pack of hours that can be burnt down over 12 months. No long-term contracts or lock ins. Maximum visibility.

Professional Support

For customers requiring a more formal support agreement (coupled with a Well Architected Review during onboarding), this service offers 9-5 cover, 5 days a week. Make our Architect teams an extension of your own resources.

Elite Support

Get all the features of the other services — plus the peace of mind that our Architects are available to you 24/7. Proactive monitoring services, backup checks, and DR testing can all be included.

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