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AI Services

Harness the Power of AI with Our Expert Consultancy and AWS Technology

In an age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) shapes the future of industries, understanding and leveraging its vast potential becomes imperative.


At Cloud Bridge, we bridge the gap between intricate AI technologies and tangible business solutions. By leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of AWS, we guide businesses in unlocking transformative value through AI.

Our Expertise:



  • Navigating the complexities of voice data? With our consultancy and AWS Transcribe, we guide businesses in transcribing and analysing spoken content seamlessly, enabling richer customer insights and streamlined operations.

Computer Vision:

  • From image processing to automated tagging, we tap into AWS Rekognition to advise businesses on leveraging computer vision. Identify objects, scenes, or faces in images and videos, and discover the multitude of applications in sectors ranging from retail to security.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • With NLP tools and services from AWS, like AWS Comprehend, we empower businesses to process and analyse large amounts of natural language data. Whether it's extracting meaningful information, automating customer support, or understanding user intent, our consultancy ensures you maximize the potential of linguistic data.

    Sentiment Analysis: Understand your audience like never before. Leveraging tools like AWS Comprehend, we assist businesses in gauging sentiment and emotions from vast textual data. From customer reviews to social media chatter, transform qualitative insights into actionable strategies.

Document Data Extraction

  • Delving into document-heavy workflows? With AWS Textract, we guide businesses in automating the extraction of text and structured data from scanned documents, PDFs, and photos. Whether it's forms, tables, or plain text, streamline your operations by converting paper trails into digital insights without manual data entry.

Generative AI

  • Fuelled by tools like Amazon Bedrock, our expertise in generative AI paves the way for novel applications. Whether it's content generation or innovative business solutions, we guide clients in harnessing AI's creative potential.

Our Consultative Approach
Our consultancy model revolves around three core tenets:


Working in tandem with clients, we discern the nuances of their challenges and aspirations.

Strategic Alignment

Utilising AWS's suite of AI tools, we tailor strategies and solutions to meet specific client objectives.

Continuous Evolution

The AI landscape is ever-evolving. Our commitment to continuous learning ensures our skills remain cutting-edge, offering clients the most recent and impactful solutions.

Deep Expertise

Our consultants bring width and depth of skills, spanning a diverse array of technologies and specialist domains.

Trusted AWS Partnership

Operating in synergy with AWS as an Advanced tier partner, we have an inside track to the latest and most advanced AI tools in the market.

Solution-Oriented Approach

Our goal is clear - devising AI solutions that solve real problems, resonate with your business objectives and drive tangible outcomes.


Why Partner with Cloud Bridge?

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Embark on Your AI Journey

Ready to redefine your business strategies with AI? Partner with us, and let’s turn challenges into opportunities.
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