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Why the cloud?

The benefits are many, and every SMB will have its motivation. Some look for cost optimisation, while others will value a well-architected and elastic IT infrastructure. Others need data sovereignty – maintaining business information compliance within each country – and gold-standard security. 

For most, it’s a combination of all these benefits. As this Sunday Times piece explains, businesses migrating to the AWS cloud realise an average of 31% infrastructure cost savings, 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management, and 43% fewer security incidents annually.**


Cloud Bridge: Everything
Cloud for your Business

The cloud is many things and no two companies, whether enterprise, start-up, or everything in between, share an identical vision for their cloud future. 

So, beyond technical and practical support, Cloud Bridge offers Cloud Governance, consultancy, and managed services that ensure a frictionless journey and stress-free cloud presence.  

Why Cloud Bridge?

An AWS Advanced Partner, we’re one of the UK’s fastest-growing AWS consulting partners and recently opened offices in the UAE. We've won the coveted AWS Rising Star Partner Award for 2022 and 2023. Plus, with numerous competencies under our belts including Migration, Microsoft Workloads and Well-Architected, you can rest assured that we've been validated by AWS to offer the very best technical experience and achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

As well as working with tomorrow’s technology, we’re supporting a more sustainable future for the planet. AWS is already the most sustainable cloud provider; meanwhile, the Cloud Bridge Tree Project plants 10 trees for every server and 1000 for each cloud-bound workload migrated to help offset your carbon footprint. Corporate Social Responsibility – and cloud – done right. 

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Our journey to success

Achieve lift-off

Significantly, as an approved AWS Partner, Cloud Bridge secures AWS migration funding that makes cloud aspiration a solid reality. We’ll assess your IT infrastructure to see what future cloud innovation will look like for you. 

Get there. Stay there. Do more

Once we’ve delivered your migration, our Managed Services and Cloud Governance packages will support your cloud business by identifying cost efficiencies and data security risks. It will be part of a wider digital transformation programme that drives business growth and maintains competitive advantage. 

Overcome cloud challenges 

While cloud computing's scalability and efficiencies are attractive to SMBs, concerns around costs, architectures, IT skills, resources, and security – a concern for 40% of cloud-bound businesses** – are less so. 
Cloud compliance is another hot-button issue we’re happy to take on for our customers. Our cloud governance work includes FinOps, security and best practices that support real-world governance in the virtual environment.  

With a third of cloud spend going to waste*, SMBs must choose a partner that understands the unique challenges of the SMB considering a cloud journey – and how to overcome them. 


**Breaking down cloud barriers for small businesses, need a full reference here.

Success stories

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Start your journey
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