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 Upgrading Pharmaxo's Infrastructure with the AWS OLA Program


Pharmaxo, a leading player in the pharmaceutical industry, embarked on a transformative voyage with the AWS Organisational Learning Assessment (OLA) programme. Faced with challenges regarding system reliability, scalability, and outdated on-premises infrastructure, they turned to AWS and Cloud-Bridge, an acclaimed AWS Advanced partner, for a robust solution.

The challenge: several critical hurdles


Reliability and Scalability: Striving to strengthen their systems' reliability and scalability, crucial for meeting the fast-paced demands of their industry, Pharmaxo's existing on-premises infrastructure was struggling to keep up with their rapid growth.

Reducing On-Premises Reliance: Pharmaxo aimed to reduce their dependence on traditional on-premises infrastructure, seeking to streamline operational efficiency and cut costs.

The solution


Understanding the Current State:

Pharmaxo embraced the OLA programme, gaining comprehensive insights into the transition of their existing infrastructure to the AWS environment. This assessment revealed the intricate details of the migration process and its financial implications.


Cost Estimation:

The OLA programme facilitated a meticulous assessment of projected AWS costs, including forecasts for future expansion. This accurate cost estimation played a pivotal role in Pharmaxo's financial planning and budgeting.


Realising Savings:

Although the precise savings from the AWS transition were yet to be fully quantified, Pharmaxo was optimistic about substantial cost reductions. Moreover, bidding farewell to the in-house maintenance of their on-premises infrastructure brought about additional financial benefits.


Leveraging AWS Solutions:

In conjunction with the OLA programme, Cloud-Bridge guided Pharmaxo in leveraging the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This strategic move fortified their security measures and facilitated the implementation of top-tier AWS-recommended policies, aligning their infrastructure with industry best practices.

The benefits


Pharmaxo's immersion in the AWS ecosystem granted them profound insights into their infrastructure's operations, highlighting a multitude of benefits associated with the migration. This newfound knowledge empowered them to make informed decisions and fine-tune their systems for future endeavors.

Enhanced Reliability and Scalability:

Pharmaxo's transition to AWS ushered in a new era of enhanced reliability and scalability for their systems, enabling them to effortlessly tackle the dynamic demands of their industry.



While the precise savings were still under calculation, Pharmaxo anticipated substantial cost savings from their shift to AWS. Additionally, bidding farewell to the need for on-premises infrastructure maintenance brought about additional financial benefits.


Security and Best Practices:

Embracing the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Pharmaxo fortified their security measures and aligned their policies with AWS recommendations, ensuring that their infrastructure remained secure and compliant.


Future Modernisation:

Pharmaxo's journey with AWS primarily revolved around leveraging EC2 instances, with ambitious plans for further modernisation and enhancement of their systems, gearing up for an even more stellar performance and scalability in the future.

Charlie Graham , Head of Infrastructure, Pharmaxo:


"Our collaboration with Cloud-Bridge and the AWS OLA programme has been nothing short of transformative for Pharmaxo. We've not only fortified the reliability and scalability of our infrastructure but also positioned ourselves for sustained growth in an ever-evolving industry landscape."



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