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 Cost Optimisation, Governance & Security Services

Across $45m annual consumption

Over $14m potential savings  found

Between 5-25% saved on customers AWS costs  

Our value to you

Cloud Bridge increases visibility and control of your cloud estate

 We focus on quick savings and ongoing optimisation

Get access to a powerful management tooling "CloudHealth" for your business

Fully managed services

Provide key insights via customisable dashboards and reports.

Our architects can support in implementing cost saving and security recommendations


Cloud Bridge ultimate goal - to save your business money

Key services we offer

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Cost Optimisation Services

Our cost optimisation services give customers the flexibility to manage and accurately track their AWS spend. Dedicated specialists analyse the entire AWS platform constantly looking for efficiencies as well as cost savings


Our S-a-a-S, powered by Armor, is a managed security service fortifying and unifying your on-premise, cloud & hybrid IT security defences enabling you to prevent, detect and respond to cyberthreats in real-time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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Professional Services

We have a growing team of cloud solutions architects, business analysts, project managers and consultants impeccably qualified to ensure the productive and streamlined handling of every single client and project.

If this is something you are interested to learn more about, gain qualified advice on or sign up for please get in contact:

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