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Kunj Patel

Cloud Operations Engineer

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Before joining Cloud Bridge, I completed my A-levels in Psychology, Maths and Physics. Initially I planned to study Computer Science instead of Psychology, but I was given incorrect GCSE grades and lost my place for Computer Science due to Covid-19. 



Throughout my A-levels, I self-studied and explored the cloud computing world and engaged in AWS courses online. From this I achieved my AWS Cloud Practitioner certification and gained basic knowledge of the cloud computing world. 

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Cloud Operations Engineer at Cloud Bridge

Since joining Cloud Bridge two months ago, I’ve been working on various tasks on a day-to-day basis.

This can be from supporting customers through our ticketing system, or engaging with customers online, doing live demos with our customers and showing them how they can utilise our tools & services in the best way. I’m also carrying out on-boardings with customers, bringing them into the Cloud Bridge world.

One of the hardest things when transitioning from Uni/College to a real-world job is that your everyday routine changes. Going from full time education with all the support, to moving into an independent world takes a bit of getting used to!


The team

Cloud Bridge has helped with this transition because it has a great culture. Everyone is so supportive and friendly, which makes it such a good place to work as you can always ask questions and reach out to anyone for support. I would highly recommend joining Cloud Bridge because of the culture and friendly environment. Everyone is included and supported.



The best parts of my job are interacting with AWS on a daily basis, and growing my expertise in all things cloud. The biggest challenge is the unbalanced workload due to the company’s rapid growth – hopefully this will be addressed as the team is resourced up.

Group 840.png

The best piece of advice I could give anyone considering a role in Cloud IT would be to attend online Cloud events and study AWS courses - this would give you lots of useful knowledge to prepare you for a job in this industry. 

Get in touch

To enquire on any possible vacancies, or if you simply want to learn more, please get in contact:

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