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Since the new year, we have secured over $800k in funding for various client projects!

Our value to you

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Our relationship with AWS as a Consulting Partner allows us to access a plethora of funding programs designed to assist in proving the technology and delivering solutions across nearly all aspects of AWS, in the form of cash and consumption credits.

We are ISO 27001 certified and have a full complement of AWS architects who can cover the spectrum of AWS requirements, with flexible consultancy services provided in packs of hours which can be drawn down whenever required. 

Our methodology is to utilise a workshop-based approach with insights from the application owners to understand the workloads and applications in detail. We establish the requirements and then use this context to build a high-level design and statement of work for a migration or net new application / service in line with your strategy. The project is broken down into specific tasks, enabling us to integrate closely with your own internal teams, who may have the expertise or requirement to undertake certain elements themselves.


The delivery is clearly tracked, and project managed using clear SaaS based reporting tools, enabling you to have full control and visibility over the project. Once live in AWS, we wrap the consumption straight into our optimisation service to ensure full visibility of costs, governance and security on an ongoing basis.

Key services we offer

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Well-Architected Reviews

Consultative service designed to enhance your AWS cloud infrastructure. It eliminates risks and ensures your infrastructure is operating at maximum efficiency.

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Cloud Migrations

Cloud Bridge have exclusive access to provide fully funded assessments for customers with 50+ servers in scope to migrate AWS.


  • Workshops, TCO’s, HLD, LLD & agile project management services

  • Evaluate best approach to Rehost, Re-platform or Refactor

  • Application Factory, CI/CD Pipeline builds, Automation & Orchestration

  • AI & ML design & implementation

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