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Angela Yoganathan

Cloud Operations Manager

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I studied BSc Accounting with Management at University of Westminster for three years. I then joined QA Training on a three months’ Business Analysis course, joining Cloud Bridge the following month. 



Prior to joining, my knowledge surrounding Cloud technology was limited. I knew that AWS provided storage and computing solutions but had no in-depth knowledge of the industry. This wasn’t an issue because my first three months at Cloud Bridge involved shadowing the team on processes for various services - so I was soon up to speed. In fact, within a few months I was well equipped to take my AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. 

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Cloud Operations Manager at Cloud Bridge

Being a  Cloud Operations Manager at Cloud Bridge requires me to manage the FinOps division of the Operations department of the business. In addition to this, I am a part-time AWS Competency Manager which requires me to push the dedicated team towards maximising Cloud Bridge's competencies.

Making the transition from the exam-based world of Uni to a client facing, business focused environment has been one of the hardest aspects of starting work. It requires adapting to a completely new routine and work schedule. But you do get used to it in time!


The team

The whole team at Cloud Bridge is very friendly and sociable, making it easy to communicate with colleagues and work together in a positive way. We are all encouraged to achieve our potential, which motivates us to grow and develop our skills and knowledge.


Cloud Bridge offers an excellent well-being programme which supports our mental and physical health. This was so beneficial during Covid lockdowns since the changes to working practices changed significantly during and post-Covid. Having that support was essential.



The best thing about my role is the opportunity to continually learn from the people around me. It gives me the motivation to develop my own skills, and the desire to share my knowledge to help better the team as a whole.


If I could have given myself one piece of advice on how to prepare for a career within this industry, it would be to undertake the AWS exams prior to starting the job.

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Cloud Bridge is a family, the newness and potential for success has created a positive and motivating environment – I would highly recommend joining Cloud Bridge if you love a good challenge!

Get in touch

To enquire on any possible vacancies, or if you simply want to learn more, please get in contact:

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